We, ITI (Integral Transpersonal Institute, Milan, Italy) are preparing the FEEDING THE SOUL WORLD SUMMIT 2016!
Online event entirely for FREE!
From the 27th of October to the 3rd of November you’ll be able to listen and watch for free on streaming amazing Podcasts and web-classes with unique content from all over the world that our friends and colleagues from the Transpersonal world, Biotransenergetics and not only sent us!!! We’ll share many unreleased interviews as well!
Other then our presenters and Key Notes you have the chance to propose your lecture or class writing to  writing to inside@feedingthesoulworldsummit.com ( Title, Abstract, Resume).

Take a look to the invitation on the FB group, we copy here, participate to the FB event, and stay tuned to discover how to participate!

How are you? 

We are writing to let you know that Feeding The Soul continues. The first EUROTAS Transpersonal Festival – Feeding The Soul 2015 – obtained a huge success both in quality and numbers and gathered an extraordinary circle of people from more than 35 countries. 

The atmosphere of enthusiasm that we all experienced, the warmth received and the many invitations to carry on the event, showed us that the festival should be considered the beginning of something bigger. 

Hence, our proposal to involve you in the next ambitious initiative: an Online Summit. 

We found a way to reach even more people making it possible for them to easily access very precious content, which you and other distinguished colleagues proposed live last year with incredible passion and dedication during Feeding The Soul Festival. 

That’s why this time we decided to do it online.
We would like to let you know, before anyone else, that we are organizing the FEEDING THE SOUL WORLD SUMMIT. 

It is an event that will take place entirely online, in streaming, and it will gather Podcasts by the very best of the transpersonal movement and “friends”. 
1. The online event will be held from Thursday 27th October to Thursday 3rd November, period during which we will make available on the web 5 free Digital Classes per day, to be listened to or to be attended in streaming. These Web Classes may be in form of Podcast, Audio or Video recording. 

2. The 3rd of November will end with a live webinar, which could be a round table or an e- conference held by 5 presenters, with a Q & A Live Session, namely a Questions and Answers session with an internet live audience, while our team of moderators will pass the best questions to one or another presenter. 

3. Afterwards, ITI will create a box set with all the 35 interventions, including the recording of the final round table. This box set will be sold with the transcript of each Web Class (users will also have the opportunity to purchase the discounted package during the SUMMIT free week). 

4. Our engagement to promote, spread and communicate the entire event provides an equal commitment to increase and keep the value of each presenter and the contents of his/her lectures as of crucial importance to the evolutionary-cultural path of contemporary human being, regardless of profession, age, social background or origin. 

5. For the above-mentioned reason, we wish for the Web Class to be as direct as possible and to reach a diverse audience. Our intent is to democratize concepts that often, because of their high quality don’t easily meet the understanding of most people. We are not trying to turn into pop contents that are not; however, we would like to evaluate the possibility to expand the range of our dialogue in view of a better world for which we all wish, a world of more aware human beings, richer in soul (hence Feeding the Soul) and more open to embrace concepts such as Consciousness, Spirit, Love, Awareness, Nature, Compassion, Humanity, Integration, Wholeness, Interconnection, Stream, Synergy, etc., all important terms for the Transpersonal world, and, we believe, for you as well. 

6. Furthermore, our commitment is to maintain the range of topics of the entire festival as varied and balanced as possible, in line with the Integral Transpersonal approach that takes into account all aspects of existence as a whole. Thus, we will focus in not proposing repeated contents or too similar approaches, and also to maintain the peculiarity of each one. 

7. Finally, the technical quality of the Web Classes is very important for us, out of respect for users and presenters; 
Valentina Lattuada – Pier Luigi Lattuada 
ITI – Integral Transpersonal Institute – OM Association 
Feeding The Soul World Summit 2016


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