Where do we come from: Feeding The Soul Festival 2015

In 2015, we realized as ITI (Integral transpersonal Institute, Milano) with EUROTAS, The First Transpersonal Festival of  Milan. Hundreds of presenters and participants from 35 countries. One week of event in the city ( for Feeding The Soul CITY – in EXPO IN CITTÀ /EXPO 2015) and outside the city ( at the greenest, magical, Centro d’Ompio, on the Orta’s Lake) from dawn to sunset, and evenings and nights, events, parties, conferences, workshops, meetings about a huge variety of fields, important for the human soul. We fed the soul and the body!

We had amazing partners and collaborators, first of all a marvelous team of volunteers, without whom we couldn’t do what we did.

Look how it went on www.feedingthesoul.eu and take a look at the video directed by Alberto Nigro, shot during the days of the Festival HERE

Thank you all! We’ll meet online soon! From the 27th of October 2016 to the 3rd of November for the great Feeding The Soul World SUMMIT 2016! Event totally online, totally for FREE!

Save the date and stay tuned to participate and get access to all web-classes, podcasts and interview for free!

Want more info? write to  bte@biotransenergetica.it or inside@feedingthesoulworldsummit.com

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